TOEIC part5 参考書別に語彙と文法で知らないとこまとめただけ その1


represent one's interests 
for a limited time (only) 
the strategy and history of the product that outsiders can rarely equal 
be optimistic that SV 
the single largest expense 
be worth the expense 
in the later part of the week 
sufficient measures have been put in place 
in 15 minutes of travel time 
a leisurely walk =in an unhurried way
cf)homely(adj.)=lacking in physical beauty or proportion 
The parade had scarcely/hardly reached Times Square when/before the rain began to fall. ←この有名構文入試以外であんまり見ないから忘れてた
the improvements to the hotel lobby 
最上級を修飾する副詞→the very/far/by far/even
the general consensus
at a later date
of any kind=of any sort 
help them choose the right puppy 
at the time (that) SV =when 
Considering that SV 
fill one's order 
submit sth in writing 
two degrees below normal 
with the aim of doing 
much too demanding 
the remainder of sth 
at the urging of sb 
reassurance that SV
call ahead =call in advance
it is advisable to do 
in the coming year and beyond 
rank(v.i.)=take or have a position relative to others
ex)This painting ranks among the best in the Western World
be instructed to do 
annotate sth 
dilapidate sth =bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin by neglect or misuse 
be paid for any unused vacation time 
come complete with sth =be equipped with sth 
in the best interest of sth 
legible=capable of being read or deciphered 
be doubtful that SV 
many of 限定詞
two 15-minute breaks plus a 60-minute lunch period 
receive an award worth $10,000
pay the outstanding balance 
issue you a guest pass 
contact sb at the telephone number 
attend a private function=a formal or official social gathering or ceremony
treat yourself to some new clothes 
under one's guidance 
bring in the signed bank deposit form =submit
during our closing =店舗整理
his leadership will be missed 
if not sooner=at the latest 
commercial customers 企業のお客様





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