国連英検 その8 エッセイライティングは親の敵

How effective are United Nations' sanctions against member States?
How does the UN support the goals of sustainable development in the world?
How can the UN help the world achieve gender equality?
What would a UN system-wide approach to early warning of conflict and of conflict prevention look like?
How may the UN play a role in resolving conflicts within sovereign states?
What is the role of the United Nations in regard to nuclear and radioactive materials?
What is the UN’s peacekeeping role and how does Japan support these efforts?
How can the UN support the development of democracy?
How can the UN address the issue of climate change?
Does the UN have a role to play in the efforts to mitigate the impact of global warming?
How has Japan's nuclear crisis affected the future use of nuclear energy around the world?
How can the UN better gather and distribute aid to victims of natural disasters?
Can the UN help to alleviate growing economic tensions between China and the West?
How can the UN revamp its peace-keeping operations to better meet current challenges?
What should the UN do to curb political exploitation of the Earth’s polar regions?
How can the UN help reduce ethnic tensions around the world?
How can the world economy's reliance on fossil fuels be reduced to prevent further global warming?
Do regional security organizations such as NATO still have relevance in the world today?
Should an economic free-trade zone like the EEC be created in Asia?
Should the UN Security Council be reconfigured to reflect the current geopolitical situations?
Why is a new WTO trade pact necessary?
Should the EU lift its arms embargo on China?
What should we do to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus that causes AIDS?
Should the EU begin negotiations leading to Turkish membership?
Is Israel's so-called security fence an appropriate means to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks?

強いて言えばglobal warming、conflict、nuclear、peacekeepingが2回出てますね。





1. 頻出テーマの解答を全て書く
2. 国連がガンガン取り組んでるのに出題されてねーなってテーマを書く

Introduction 20
Body 1 100(国連の実際の取組み説明)
Body 2 100 (自分の意見)
Conclusion 20
Body 1の知識が乏しい場合はBody 1をIntroductionに組み入れ、Body 2を広げて字数を満たします。


<population growth>
I will discuss how the United Nations may play a role in solving the global population growth especially in developing countries. 
In 1970, the General Assembly designated 1974 as World Population Year to focus international attention on different aspects of the population question. During that year, the World Population Conference was held in Bucharest. Since Bucharest, the global population growth rate has declined from 2.03 to 1.67 percent per year; however, the decline in growth rate was expected to lessen during the next decade. This means we should come up with other solutions to improve the rate.
The main reason of the growing population is that people in developing countries now have access to better medical treatment, cleaner water and safer food than ever before. The UN humanitarian operations have been trying to improve the water, food, shelter situation in poor countries such as Yemen, Mali, or Burundian, making the peoples bless their longer life expectancy. In this sense, it may be inevitable for the population rate to rise. There can be a trade-off relation between the living standards and the population growth, so the World Health Organization (WHO) or the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) should try another angle and give support to the countries. Teaching sexual education and delivering contraceptives or condoms as relief supplies can improve the situation.
In conclusion, I feel the role of the United Nations is and must be to admit the humanitarian relief and population growth are antinomic, and to educate the people for the greater good.


<assistance to displaced people /refugees>
I will discuss how the United Nations may play a role in helping refugees.
The essential problems of refugees, and the necessary solutions of them l, have been the same throughout history and across the world: they need to be fed, clothed and sheltered.To fulfill this role, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established by the General Assembly in 1950. The basic function of UNHCR is to extend international protection to refugees who, by definition, do not enjoy the protection of their former home country. 
When it comes to relief operations to refugees, we should take into consideration the role the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have been playing. NGOs not only provide substantial aid from their own resources, but often also act as UNHCR’s relief and legal assistance programmes. In recognition of the value of its work, the UNHCR has on two occasions, in 1954 and 1984, been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 
In conclusion, I feel the role of the United Nations is and must be to continue to provide protection and assistance to refugees in conjunction with NGOs.
184 words

<food problem>

I will discuss the United Nations’ role in assistance to children. 
The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was created by the General Assembly in 1946 to provide relief to children suffering in the aftermath of the Second World War. UNICEF National Committees have been set up in 38 countries. In addition to their fundraising efforts, they help to inform the public about the needs of children in the developing world and to explain how the Children's Fund works to meet these needs. 
Until now, their role has been played mainly in providing basic needs such as food, clothes and shelters. Their operations have  definitely been helpful to children living in destitute countries. However, I'm certain that this can be conducive to the exacerbation of the population growth. To stave off the rising population especially in developing countries, sexual education should be more focused on. If children know the importance of contraception, they are less likely to develop sexually transmitted diseases. This operation may seem trivial, but it can improve the situation both in population and disease infection. 
In conclusion, I feel that the role of the United Nations is and must be not only to delivery assistance to children, but also to educate children for the greater good. 
210 words

<disease infection>





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Research has shown that pre-school children that grow up in a household immersed in books and reading and writing activities go on to possess greater literary skills than those who don't.
この英文にあるimmersed in〜の文法を教えてください
grow upを修飾すると書いてあったので過去分詞の形容詞用法という選択肢が消え(pre-school
children being)immersed in〜となる分詞構文ですかね?






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population growthのエッセイ素晴らしいと思いました!たまにひょーどるさんのツイッターがタイムラインに流れてきます^ ^アンチコメントに関しては気にせず陰ながら応援しています!

population growthのエッセイを読ませていただいたのですが3点だけきになる点がありました。

1: Brundianはおそらく国のことを挙げていらっしゃると思うのでBrundiが正しいと思います。 or Brundi→and Brundi。

2:  そのすぐ後のmaking the peoples bless their longer life expectancyですがblessを用痛いのであればblessing the people with longer life expectancy, blessを使わなくても良いのであれば、giving the people longer life expectancyがいいと思います。

3: (NGOs) should try another angle and give support to the countries, このtheはtheseの方が良いと思います。(theでも大丈夫ですが、theseの方が適当です)